Rashmi Sharma

MBS Student

“My name is Rashmi Sharma. I just want to say that this school helps me learn a lot of things this year. I get a lot of help with the subjects if I need help. I love the teachers. They are very patient with me, trying to take their time and teach me. Miss JR is such a caring and loving person. She always smiles and makes people laugh. Mrs. Sangita is helping us succeed in our math and I really thank her for that.

I love all of the teachers and the staff even if I get in trouble. I will always care for them. This school is so amazing and fun I will never want to leave this school. I have kind and nice friends that I like to play with them a lot outside. The rooms are so big and fun and nice. This school is the best school ever. I will never want to leave.
Administration is very nice and I thank you all for letting me in your school again. By the way my favorite subjects are language arts, math, gym, and art is fun too. I hope the best wishes for you all.”