V.S. Niketan College running under the management of V.S. Education Foundation is ideally situated in Minbhawan, at the heart of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. V.S. Education Foundation is the central body that coordinates the academic activities of institutions that has been established for contributing quality education in different levels as per the needs of societies and nation. Every institution running under the foundation has been successful to demonstrate standard of excellence, so the foundation has envisaged running the Executive MBA program in a distinct way to give additional value to the foundation in the one hand because the students are expecting this. And in the other hand, the Executive MBA that the institution has decided to run  under the affiliation of Pokhara University at separate complex from the year 2017 also fulfills the long felt desires of the Parents/Guardians to get their youth family members complete Master level.

V.S. Niketan values quality in education. From its very inception, the institution has assumed the special responsibility of providing quality education. The unprecedented growth in trade, service, finance and industrial activities of country have demanded quality human resources, who can handle these needs of the country in productive and effective way. Keeping this specific view in mind to generate such efficient human resources, as well to meet the complexities and challenges of the 21st century, VS Niketan is highly dedicated to its commitment.


–           We provide quality education for professional career.

–           We fulfill the emerging trend of private sector, which views BBA and Executive MBA graduates, equally               helpful for the development of government and non-Government organization.

–           We provide an opportunity to fill the in/outs of real business world situation.


–           Academic Excellence

–           Cosmopolitan and Healthy Atmosphere

–           Excellent Resource (Modern Library)

–           High speed Internet Facility

–           Qualified, dedicated and experienced faculties

–           Modern and Spacious College Building

–           Generally located in peaceful and homely environment

–           E – Library


The Executive MBA program is designed to bring corporate change in Nepal through transformation of the executive into strategic change agents in the corporate world. It also aims to provide an opportunity for the executives to apply classroom learning to his/her organization’s strategic concerns that ultimately contributes to improvements in the management of the organization. The program also focuses on developing social and development outlook and excellent skill in analysis, decision making implementation, leadership, and communication in the participants.

The Specific objectives of the program are as follow.

  1. i) To train and develop the working manager who can effectively function/lead the organization in the highly dynamic and competitive global business environment.
  2. ii) To equip the working managers with knowledge, skill and attitude through academic inputs, interactions, and networking with the contemporary business leaders of Nepal.

iii)        To prepare working executive personnel for meeting the need of trades and industries in the competent world.


  1. i) The program run in evening shift.

Ii)        The program allows the working personnel to broaden their career options without giving up their jobs. The program targeted at improving the job performance and career progression of the participants.

iii)        Graduate from all disciplines are eligible to join the program. The applicant must have a minimum of two years’ working experience at the supervisor or executive level.

  1. iv) The program shall be run without a long vacation. The minimum time period required to complete the program is 18 months (Three Semester). The maximum time for completion of the course shall be 4 years months (Four years).
  2. v) The program will use a range of pedagogical inputs that includes learning through classroom discussions, presentations, group work, case analysis and guest lecture series, and learning through project work, online instructions and links to internet sites.



An applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution & must have a minimum 2 years work experience at the supervisor or executive level in any organization or corporate sector. The final decision on admission is taken on the basis of scores on the admission test, interviews and quality of work experience of the candidate.

Document Required

The applicant is required to submit the following document with the application form made available by the college by paying a predetermined fee:

–           Current Resume.

–           completed an signed Executive MBA application form.

–           Letter of reference from two referees.

–           Attested official transcripts from all the academic institutions attended.

–           Copy of Citizenship

Enrolment is conditional upon completion of all admission formalities including payment of all fees as determined by the college.


The special feature of our Executive MBA program is the education system and evaluation that help the applicants to suit their own pace of learning. The college follows a system with internal evaluation playing the pivotal role.

A participant’s performance in the first module course is evaluated internally by the concerned faculty member (50% weight) and externally by the office of the Controller of Examinations (50% weight). The second and third module shall be mostly internal. The evaluation of the Business Development Plan (BDP) shall be made externally by the COE.


V.S. Niktan has its own planned building designed for academic excellence. Classes are designed to meet the student’s requirement and use modern desks, chair and other arrangement based on the advices of educationalist and consultants. It uses white Board, Smart Board, Over Head Projectors, Audio-Visual aids, Internet and Modern Library for teaching and learning purpose.


V.S. Niktan offers free ship (Waving of tuition fees) to the needy and brilliant students as per the policy which is based on University Board Examinations results. The students scoring 4.00 CGPA will get full scholarship (in tuition fee).


The Students must attend all the scheduled lecture, tutorial and practical class. The Students must attend a minimum 80% of the classes in all subjects to appear in the final examination. Habitual absenteeism or late attendance will result into removal from the college attendance sheet.


V.S. Niketan has highly qualified and experienced faculties with wide exposure in related fields. Most of these faculty members are total devotees of teaching and learning. The faculty members run our Executive MBA program effectively in order to achieve the goal of the University & the College. 


V.S. Niketan has a set of distinguished National & International faculties engaged in the fields of teaching and learning for decades. They frequently visit our college and help to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our students.


In addition to classroom activities, there will be regular seminars, workshops & report writing programs for the students to gain further exposure in the business world.


Our library has a well stocked inventory of chosen periodicals, books, journals, of wide areas. The collection emphasizes to support the students for their academic as well as overall development.


The class of Executive MBA program shall be scheduled in the evening. Classes can be arranged on Saturday or on public holidays as per the need.


V.S. Niketan houses a clean cafeteria which provided refreshment and delicious food items at subsidized rates to the students and the staff.


The program requires participants to complete 48 credit hours, 45 credits in course work and 3 credits in preparing a comprehensive business development plan towards the end of the program.

SEMESTER ONE                                                                Units   Cr. Hr.

Module 1: Foundation Courses                                              10        15

Data Analysis I                                                                          2          3

Managerial Economics                                                            2          3

Financial Reporting Systems                                                  2          3

Organizational Management                                                   2          3

Managerial Communication                                                    1          1.5

Organizational Behavior                                                         1          1.5

SEMESTER TWO                                                               Units   Cr. Hr.

Module 2: Functional Area Course                                         10        15

Human Resources Management                                             1          1.5

Data Analysis II                                                                          1          1.5

Management Information Systems                                         1          1.5

Marketing Management                                                            1          1.5

Seminars in Contemporary Mgmt. Issues                               1          1.5

Mgmt. Accounting & Control Systems                                    1          1.5

Operations Management                                                           1          1.5

Business Environment                                                                1          1.5

Corporate Financial Decisions                                                   2          3

SEMESTER THREE                                                           Units   Cr. Hr.

Module 3: Integrative and Specialization Area Course          10           15

Strategic Management                                                                  2          3

Strategic Marketing                                                                      1          1.5

Economic Environment Analysis                                               1          1.5

Corporate Governance                                                               1          1.5

International Business                                                              1          1.5

Specialization Area Course I                                                    1          1.5

Specialization Area Course II                                                  1          1.5

Specialization Area Course III                                                1          1.5

Specialization Area Course IV                                                1          1.5

Business Development Plan                                                  Non Credit